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Things are Changing!

Prologue: I've found in life that we are consistently growing, improving, and innovating. Over the summer I had a life-changing experience. As a model myself I work with other photographers regularly, and most recently I hired Olivia Wildin. I cannot suggest her enough! She is a true gem in the photography industry and creative community. At the end of this blog I'll add her details so you can also experience her phenomenal artwork.

Now without further ado: I've been in the photography industry for the last two years. In these past years I've learned many lessons that have informed my practice, from which lenses I enjoy using most to how best to handle unexpected professional conflict. I subscribe to the philosophy that each day is an opportunity to do and become better. With my brand and website update you'll find I've updated the ways I'll be working with you. I have upgraded my photography equipment and have expanded my knowledge and skill sets, which I will continue to do as I progress in my life long dream career as a photographer.

Along with my technical progression in my craft, I believe it's important to learn business acumen from our peers. Olivia has expanded my views on how I can give my clients the best possible shoot experience. While there are many ways to interpret freelance photography, I had been under the impression that in The Industry (meaning the sex work industry) the client would invariably get a waterproofed gallery of the unedited images to select from. I myself (being a type A individual) thought that I enjoyed selecting from these images in my modeling ventures. After my entirely different experience with Olivia I've realized that having to go through hundreds of my own photos to pick the perfect images was daunting, agonizing, and something I outright dreaded. She hand selected the best of our shoots, and the feeling of getting back the final perfectly edited photos without seeing any of my unedited pictures was euphoric! After speaking with a few other photographers about their practices I've realized that I'd also like to give you this freeing experience of letting go and trusting my keen eye for aesthetic vision to give you the very best version of yourself. I aim to elevate your brand and create a shoot experience that is seamlessly enjoyable, and I believe that implementing this practice is a giant positive leap forward for us both.

So what can you expect from working with me?

First and foremost: professionalism from start to finish! I've taken steps in my business to completely streamline the entire shoot process. A clearly defined set of shoot parameters on my website will help to guide you in your decision in bringing your vision to life with my artistic touch.

In the initial communications of your booking we will discuss all pertinent details including your vision, style, location, etc. so that we are on the same page about what you are looking for in the shoot.

From these conversations and my business practice I will draft a clear and concise shoot contract for us to sign so that both parties can have all necessary information (such as the date, time, location, precise work contracted for, and any other pertinent details). I find that abiding to a contract allows us both to relax and focus our energy on a productive collaboration, having agreed upon the details of the shoot process with full transparency.

After the shoot, you will be given your hand selected, completely edited final photographs from me within 2-3 weeks, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon and detailed in our shoot contract.

For those that would like to help me expand my business: in exchange for a discount, I have a basic model release form that I will customize to your liking so that both parties are comfortable with and consent to my use of particular images (selected by both of us) on my business website and/or social medias. I understand that every model has a unique and different situation regarding use of their images, hence why I prefer to work on an individualized model release form with each individual model that chooses to do so. Your images will never be posted by me without your express consent in a model release, and signing a model release form is in no way obligatory for us to work together.

Thank you for reading and I'm so excited to show you the next steps in my creative endeavors! I'm looking forward to continuing to bring you the absolute best collaborative creations.


Nichole Daylinn

Owner and Photographer of Say Less Boudoir

Olivia Wildin

An example of Olivia's artwork from our first photoshoot.

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